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About Me

Let’s be honest, I was born loving pets. My family wasn’t particularly keen on animals but somehow after months of pleading they agreed to a pet hamster. I was elated! I literally did EVERYTHING with my hamster and I even tried letting it sleep in my bed once. That really didn’t work out well. When the hamster passed (RIP TARAH), I was devastated. My parents thought it might cheer me up if we went to the pet store to look at a new hamster. We came out with a dog. I realized 2 things about myself on that day. 1. I was made for a career in sales because of my extremely persuasive personality 2. I was never going to live a life where I didn’t have a dog, ever again Since then, I have learned A LOT about animals and I have become more and more invested in everything there is to know about animals: their welfare, their nutrition needs, training requirements, and pure unconditional love. Fast forward to present day, many careers in the pet industry, and several rescued pets...Here I am: The owner and founder of a small independent pet distribution company and I couldn’t be happier!

Megan Stoll

Founder of Wigglebutt & Co


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