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The Founder

About Megan

I was born loving pets. My family wasn’t particularly keen on animals but somehow after months of pleading they agreed to a pet hamster. I was elated! I literally did EVERYTHING with my hamster.  After 3 short years, my hamster passed away and I was devastated. My parents thought it might cheer me up if we went to the pet store to look at a new hamster. We went in looking for a hamster and came out with a dog. 

I learned 2 things about myself on that day. The first was that I was good at being persuasive, which comes in handy when you are using it for a good cause...and the second was that I was NEVER ever going to live my life without a dog again!

Since then, I have learned A LOT about animals and I have become more and more invested in everything there is to know about them: their welfare, their nutrition needs and even their emotional wellbeing. Fast forward to today, many careers in the pet industry, and several rescued pets...Here I am: The owner and founder of a small independent pet distribution company!  

Everything in my life has pointed me towards this career and I couldn't be happier to be living my dream life everyday!  

About Me

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