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The Founder

About Megan

I was born loving pets. My family wasn’t particularly keen on animals but somehow after months of pleading they agreed to a pet hamster. I was elated! I literally did EVERYTHING with my hamster.  After 3 short years, my hamster passed away and I was devastated. My parents thought it might cheer me up if we went to the pet store to look at a new hamster. We went in looking for a hamster and came out with a dog. 

I learned 2 things about myself on that day. The first was that I was good at being persuasive, which comes in handy when you are using it for a good cause...and the second was that I was NEVER ever going to live my life without a dog again!

Since then, I have learned A LOT about animals and I have become more and more invested in everything there is to know about them: their welfare, their nutrition needs and even their emotional wellbeing. Fast forward to today, many careers in the pet industry, and several rescued pets...Here I am: The owner and founder of a small independent pet distribution company!  

Everything in my life has pointed me towards this career and I couldn't be happier to be living my dream life everyday!  

The Director of Operations + Sales Support

About Rachel

I'm so grateful you are here! Learning about canine nutrition began for me because of a dog named Daisy, but I have possessed the passion for animal wellness my entire life. I've had the amazing opportunity to grow and train within the natural pet industry over the last few years, and have repeatedly experienced first hand the good that whole foods can do for animals. I have unfortunately also witnessed the negative effects of the highly processed, nutrient lacking, alternatives being recommended by most traditional Veterinarians. I still have a lot to learn, but I am encouraged and eager to get healthier options in the hands of more pet parents.

This marketplace offers some of my favorite pet products, and a selection for the humans too. In hopes to share some of what I have learned, resources can be found here

I am currently in pursuit of becoming a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, and look forward to offering consultations in the future!

🌼 Rachel 🌼

Colorado Warehouse Manager + Customer Service

About Julia

Julia needs to write something about herself here! :)

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